Stories for Groups and 8 More Features

Stories for Groups and 8 More Features

Telegram brings conversation in groups to an entire new level with 9 new features that redefine many-to-many communication. Now, groups can publish stories and save them as posts on their profile pages. Groups can set unique wallpapers and statuses, as well as customize their appearance down to the finest details, including the color and logo of the group’s profile cover or link style. All these features are already available and may be unlocked by group members who can boost their favorite chats. Such boosted groups can now also offer Voice-to-Text conversion and premium Custom Emoji to their members.

Boosts for Groups

Groups can now gain levels thanks to boosts from members or giveaways. In addition to group stories and custom appearance, higher levels give members access to premium features like voice-to-text and custom emoji when messaging inside the group.

Stories from Groups

This update introduces a novel way of communication in groups, where admins can now post stories. Replies from members will be sent to the group, sparking new conversations.

To post a story as your group, either tap the story icon (+) on the group's profile or select the group in the 'Post Story As' section of the story editor.

Emoji Status, Covers, Wallpapers, and Link Styles

Boosted groups support unique customization options, which are available only on Telegram. You can change the color and logo of your group's profile cover, set an emoji status, and choose a wallpaper that will be visible to all who open the group.

For their emoji status, groups can select from the thousands of emoji made by Telegram artists, adding anything from an animated gamepad to a cryptic eggplant next to the group name.

To customize your group, open its profile and select Edit > Appearance. The group's level determines which appearance settings are available.

Group Emoji Packs

Higher-level groups unlock some Telegram Premium features for communication inside the chat.

Admins can choose one pack of custom emoji that all members are allowed to use in the group – even if they don't have Telegram Premium.

You can choose an emoji set made by Telegram artists or create a unique pack just for your group chat.

Voice-to-Text and More

Members of boosted groups can also enjoy unlimited voice-to-text transcription for voice and video messages sent in the group.

This is just the beginning – future updates will add even more features to power up your group chat.

A list of all the group perks available at every level can be found here.

Permissions for Boosters

Messages from users who boosted the group show a special Booster Badge, which evolves with every boost sent. Admins can apply special permissions for boosters, giving them unique privileges, like ignoring Slow Mode or other restrictions.

Permissions for Boosters

Telegram Premium includes 4 boosts that can be assigned to any group or channel – and you get 3 more boosts each time you give Premium as a gift.

We planned to include 5 more features in this update, but the App Store Gods were not in our favor. But that’s OK — you’ll see these features very soon in our March update!

February 29, 2024
The Telegram Team